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We run a full sponsorship programme, to help support performance players and to promote the brand through brand 'ambassadors'. Any member of the hockey 'family' wishing to contact us to apply for sponsorship can do by clicking the button below.

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Number: 17
Age: 30
Current Club: Holcombe HC
International Status: Wales Senior International
Stick: EVO.2 (Team Gold)
Twitter: @LeahWilinson17

More details coming soon



Lily 2018

Number: 26
Age: 20
Current Club: Birmingham University
International Status: England and GB Forward
Stick: EVO.3 (Team Red)
Twitter: @LilyOwsley
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Olympic Gold Medal.
Why Mercian: They’re the best. Powerful but light still for quick skills and they look great.

Lily made her debut in June 2013 and became the youngest squad member to play for England in a World Cup.

Lily played her first hockey for Firebrands in Bristol and now currently plays in the Investec Premier league for Birmingham University, where she also studies.



Holding 400x400

Name: Liam Sanford
Number: #27
Age: 21
Current club: Reading
International status: Senior GB and England
Stick: EVO 0.4 Team Orange

Twitter: @liam_sanford
Instagram: liam_jordan143

Best hockey moment: Getting my first GB cap

Why Mercian: Great sticks that I have used my whole hockey career, as well as a great sponsor, they have an excellent team at Mercian and it's a pleasure to be a part of it.

Steph Elliott

Name: Steph Elliott 
Number: 16
Age: 26
Current Club: Holcombe 
International Status: Premiership Hockey Player 
Stick: EVO 0.7 Team White 
Twitter: @Stephelliott90 
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Scoring My first (and only) GB goal on my GB debut. 
Why Mercian: Products are great, love the feel of the sticks and the customer care is amazing! Great team.

Tim Atkins

Name: Tim Atkins
Number: 14
Age: 26
Current Club: Reading 
International Status: Full Senior Scotland 
Stick: EVO 0.4 Team Orange 
Twitter: @T_Atko
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Getting my first senior International Cap for Scotland
Why Mercian: I’ve always loved the brand since I was young and have never wanted to change and they’ve always supported me.
(Tim started playing when he was 4/5 years old! His first club was the mighty Wallingford HC)

Emily Defroand

Name: Emily Defroand
Number: 16
Age: 22
Current Club: Surbiton 
International Status: England Dev
Stick: EVO 0.6 Team Green 
Twitter: @EmilyDefroand
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Coming 4th at the Junior World Cup.
Why Mercian: Been playing with them for about 8 years and never had any problems. Plus the recent new branding makes Mercian more appealing!


Name: Nick Park
Number: 22
Age: 17
Current Club: Reading 
International Status: England U-18
Stick: EVO 0.2 Team Gold
Instagram: _NickPark_
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Making my premier league debut when I was 16 against Wimbledon 
Why Mercian: They have such high quality equipment and I get such good support from Mercian people.

Nick has always played for Reading Hockey Club and started when he was only 10 years old. 


Name: Tommy Alexander
Number: 1
Age: 27
Current Club: Reading 
International Status: Scotland Senior International
Kit: Mercian Evolution Pro Range

Twitter: @tommyalexanderI
Instagram: tommyalexander23 

Best Hockey Moment So Far: Winning the Hockey Association Cup/the Premier League Playoff Final which went to shoot outs at Lee valley against Wimbledon 

Why Mercian: Since Mercian have rebranded I like the new direction they’re going in. They gave me the opportunity to design the new pro goal keeping range, which I’m very thankful for and proud of. Staff are really friendly and I feel like a valuable member of the team.


Name: Amy Tennant
Number: 23
Age: 21
Current Club: Bowdon Hightown
International Status: England Senior International
Stick: EVO 0.9
Kit: Evolution Pro
Twitter: @Amy10ant
Best Hockey Moment So Far: My first senior international cap, playing for your country is an amazing feeling.
Why Mercian: I love the kit, it’s really light, protects me well and fits like a dream. Also everyone that works there is so lovely and the staff and players have a great relationship.

Ciaran O’Connell

Name: Ciaran O’Connell
Number: 4
Age: 21
Current Club: Reading
International Status: Premiership Player
Stick: EVO 0.4 Team Orange
Twitter: @ciaranoconnell
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Under 21's debut on my 19th birthday.
Why Mercian: I’ve always used it and it looks great. Its also high quality and consistent.


Name: Abigail Robinson
Age: 21
Current Club: Surbiton
International Status: Premiership Player
Stick: EVO 0.5: Team Yellow
Twitter: @abirobinson
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Being part of the most succesful UK women's club team in recent history.
Why Mercian: I like the balance and pick up of the sticks and how I feel part of the company 'team'.

Emily Defroand

Name: Emily Atkinson

Current Club: Surbiton
International Status: Premiership Player
Stick: EVO 0.4 Team Orange
Twitter: @emilyatkinson10
Best Hockey Moment: Winning my first league title with all the Surbiton girls 
Why Mercian: Mercian have been my sponsors from day 1. I have always loved playing with their sticks and now love the new brand changes. I'm excited to see how it continues to grow and pleased to be able to be part of it.

Kirsty Mackay

Name: Kirsty Mackay

Number: #2

Age: 29

Current Club: East Grinstead

International Status: England and GB Goal Keeper

Stick: Mercian 103GK (I like my trusty favourite!) Stick                                                                                   

Twitter: @kirsty_mackay_2

Best Hockey Moment So Far: Gaining my first Engmand cap 4 years after getting my first GB cap. I thought I would never get it after my long term back injust, it meant so much.‘’

Why Mercian: ‘Rebound off the kickers are the best in the market and they have sorted me out for kit since I was 12 years old. They’re a great friendly team and they answer you immediately and they really do want you to do everything for you to help you perform at your best. (And Keith is a legend)