Team Mercian

We run a full sponsorship programme, to help support performance players and to promote the brand through brand 'ambassadors'. Any member of the hockey 'family' wishing to contact us to apply for sponsorship can do by clicking the button below.

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You can view our country-specific sponsorship activity using the following links:

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Steph Elliott

Name: Steph Elliott 
Number: 16
Age: 26
Current Club: Holcombe 
International Status: England and GB Hockey Player 
Stick: EVO 0.7 Team White 
Twitter: @Stephelliott90 
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Scoring My first (and only) GB goal on my GB debut. 
Why Mercian: Products are great, love the feel of the sticks and the customer care is amazing! Great team.

Tim Atkins

Name: Tim Atkins
Number: 14
Age: 26
Current Club: Reading
International Status: Full Scotland Defender
Stick: EVO.4 (Team Orange)
Twitter: @T_Atko
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Making my Reading debut vs Loughborough at the age of 17
Why Mercian: I’ve always loved the brand since I was young and have never wanted to change and they’ve always supported me.

Tim started playing when he was 4/5 years old! His first club was the mighty Wallingford HC.

Devon Manchester

Name: Devon Manchester
Number: 20
Age: 26
Current Club: Howick Pakuranga
International Status: New Zealand Goalkeeper
Stick: Custom EVO GK Stick (coming soon)
Twitter: @DevonManchester
Best Hockey Moment So Far: Beating Australia to win Azlan Shah
Why Mercian: The gear's light weight construction means it's easy to move around the goal at speed, which as a smaller goalkeeper is very important. The foam also has good rebound, so when I make a save it's easy to get it away from the danger areas.