Evolution 0.9 DSH 2018


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  • Product Code: HSEV918DSH
  • Colour:Black / White
  • Length: 36.5, 37.5
  • Weight: Light Only
  • Bend: DSH (Concave face Low bow)
  • Composition: 75% Carbon
  • Laquer: Matt / Gloss Combination
  • Technology: Cold Satin Laquer, M-Gel and Piezo-Eletric fibres for vibration control, High friction finish on face, supersoft cushion grip


Product description

A 75% Carbon construction hockey stick DSH bends, the 25% alternative composite make-up offering touch and feel as well as pure power.
The Evolution 0.9 offers a 75% carbon stick in the innovative DSH for the intermediate player learning drag flicking and 3D skills, potentially transitioning from a junior or low carbon model. The Fibreglass, Kevlar and basalt base layers offer durability because of the resin impregnated composite mat reducing the brittleness associated with pure carbon, both from stick / ground 'wear' and edge impacts (backhand). Both sticks include the high-friction resin face and m-gel vibration control.