Evolution 0.4 DSH Stick


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  • Product Code: HSEV417DSH
  • Weight: Light
  • Bend: New Low Bend with concave face
  • Composition: 90% Carbon
  • Laquer: Two -Tone
  • Technology: Concave Face, Piezo Electric Fibres, M-Gel, High Friction Face


Product description

The new DSH is a 2mm concave face specifically designed to work with a 24mm bend to enhance drag-flicking and 3D skills. The cup aids ball pull back from the left side of the body and enhances elimination skills. The new DSH mould has a fatter shaft profile to increase the cross-sectional area and aid hitting power. The Evolution 0.4 is also available in Pro-bend which is still a 24mm bend but 50mm higher up the shaft. An internal silicon rubber sleeve (m-gel) protects the user from some of the vibrations associated with the stiffest sticks. An additional feature is the extra cushioned grip created with a 0.75mm PU foam layer beneath the standard super-soft m-tek grip.