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We run a full sponsorship programme, to help support performance players and to promote the brand through brand 'ambassadors'. Any member of the hockey 'family' wishing to contact us to apply for sponsorship can do by clicking the button below.

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Holding 400x400

Name:  Jasbeer Singh

Number: #20

Age: 30

Current Club: Royal Leopold Club

International Status: Full Italian International 

Stick: EVO 0.4 Team Orange 

Instagram: Jasbeer10

Why Mercian: Because Mercian is good quality and when I play I feel a great a connection with the stick. 

Holding 400x400

Name: Dalila Mirabella

Number:  #10

Age: 22 

Current Club: Hcu Catania

International Status: Senior Italy team

Stick: EVO 0.1 Team Black

Twitter: @dalilamirabella

Instagram: dalilamirabella10
Best Hockey Moment So Far: World League 3 in Belgium 
Why Mercian: Because it’s not me who plays, it’s my stick :)